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Persona.tech is a machine learning company curating a library of state-of-the-art models for mining of Human Behavior and Dynamics from massive amounts of data, and a collection of prediction services to serve personalized inferences. We apply the core technology to different verticals where making automatic decisions at a personal level helps, examples include digital advertising and media.

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Relying on (sometimes proprietary) sophisticated, generative ML Models of Mining of Human Dynamics and scalable prediction servers powering smart applications, our technology stack is built upon modern Big Data technologies and tightly integrated into major cloud platforms.  The team includes ML scientists, seasoned Big Data engineers and ex-management consultants with a focus on data analysis. We have strong ties with the academia and a community of experienced ML researchers and engineers.

The office is in Zincirlikuyu, Istanbul (Boston office coming soon). Remote and part-time options are available, provided that you are comfortable with collaboration and communication tools

Positions available

To apply just drop us an email, either to some of us you personally know, or to careers[AT]persona.tech

Machine Learning Systems/OPs Engineer

  • Implement fine-grained services for learning, inference, prediction, and generation
  • Deploy Machine Learning models to prediction servers
  • Utilize and contribute to cutting-edge open source technologies
  • Partner with cloud computing giants

Applied Machine Learning Scientist in Residence

  • Utilize and contribute to the state-of-the-art of models of making sense of people from massive log datasets
  • Devise scalable approximate Bayesian inference and deep learning algorithms
  • Do extensive research with impact and collaborate with the research elite

Large Scale Machine Learning Engineer

  • Implement software for inference and predictive computation for large scale machine learning
  • Utilize high-performant scientific/numerical computing technologies, the advances in approximate inference algorithms and probabilistic programming
  • Use, extend and contribute to leading open source Machine Learning technologies

Social Scientist

  • Help application of computational social science
  • Devise models of how people act, and how individuals can be understood from societies
  • Observe real-world phenomena, perform needfinding, prototype, and launch applications for happier people, more profitable companies, and public good